Get Involved

As a not for profit, Community Interest Company STEAM is about so much more than our core delivery team. We’re a whole network of artists, technologists, members, volunteers, and associates working in Wigan and beyond. We’re funded by a combination of donations, memberships, project based work and from the GMCA Cultural Portfolio, and we’re always looking for more supporters.

We’re passionate about building a supportive, inclusive community of makers, artists, crafters, and inventors who want to share skills, support each other, and have fun through making. The STEAM Shed is our community makerspace, stocked with materials and fitted with equipment such as laser cutter, 3D printer, kiln, and sublimation printer. You can become a member for £30 per month. The membership fee not only gives you access to our facilities, but supports our community projects and goes towards making Wigan a better place to live. Find out more here.

We also offer an associate membership for local practising artists, makers, and creatives who want to get involved and support our programme. We invite artists to deliver engagement sessions within our creative programme, in return for free usage of our makerspace and facilities. If you’re interested, just give us an email to find out more.

Our volunteers are the life blood of our organisation. Without them we would grind to a halt. We’re always looking for volunteers to help us with Code Club, with Young Makers, and to support the installation and invigilation of our exhibitions. In return we offer as much coffee as you can drink, a ready made set of friends, a very comfy lounge and the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting something really great.