Exhibition: The Abyssal Glow, Cat Scott and Joe Beedles

The Abyssal Glow 

Enter an intimate, impossible microcosm that we, as humans, cannot physically experience ourselves. As you float through a universe of bubbles, your perception of the space you find yourself in becomes deceiving in scale.

The cosmic beauty of these micro hyperreal happenings enable you to experience the wonders of life at a different scale, and question the boundary between the real and the unreal. The Abyssal Glow was created from a series of experiments studying the growth of bubbles and was supported by Signal Film and Media, Dr Kei Takashina and Dr Andrew Rhead, Chris Ball and Professor Timothy Leighton.

Cat Scott 

Cat Scott is a collaborative artist and curator who uses scientific concepts as a starting point, to create kinetic experiments of impossible landscapes, that explore the deceiving nature of scale. Her sensory installations invite you to enter an intimate, cosmic space that we, as humans, cannot physically experience ourselves.

Cat regularly collaborates with artists, scientists and makers as a member of The Superposition collective and through artist residencies in institutions. She also curates exhibitions and events that bring specialists together from many disciplines, to think about the world in a new light.


You can see the exhibition from Saturday 9th March until Saturday 27th April

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, we’re running a day of bubble-themed family activities!

Bubble Experiments 1pm-3pm (with artist Cat Scott)
Most of us think of bubbles as temporary, colourful, transparent spheres that form and quickly pop. How many different ways can bubbles be created and how can we play with the physics of bubbles? Take part in some fun experiments for the whole family.

We will also delivering two drop in activities running from 11am-3pm:

Bubble Geometry
Experiment with making your own bubble wands to see how you can create all kinds of shapes with bubbles.

Bubble Art
Make some colourful bubble art by blowing bubbles mixed with colouring!

Drop-in, no tickets required
Activities operate on a first-come first-serve basis, come early to avoid disappointment