Keith Bloody Mary: Things I have learnt from my residency

Unfashioned Creatures by Keith Bloody Mary can now be experienced at  Wigan Steam in all its glory. Following the launch of the exhibtion, the artist behind the exhibtion was kind enough to share what she learned during her residency… 


What I have learnt from my residency at Wigan STEAM (by Keith Bloody Mary)


  • Cutting out images takes longer than I thought… a lot longer
  • Trains between Wigan and Manchester are often delayed, but have got me from A to B in the end
  • Doing a shout out for magazines yielded some amazing and also some weird results, and questions – why do people collect old magazines? What was on the pages that were cut out? Why oh why would you ever buy OK magazine? (thank you to everyone who’s weird habits helped me do my work!)
  • I’m not ok with cheating (I lost a foot and it pained me to google one)
  • On that note… talking about collage can sometimes sound really creepy!
  • I feel guilty when I go to a Greggs in a town know for its pies (which I did for the 6 days I was here)
  • CreatePrint (down the road) and MMU print services are amazing and dealt with my demands and strange images perfectly!
  • If you drop paper cuttings on the floor, and then try to clean them up, they will never be fully gone – (I found a tiny ladybug image on the floor just as we finished setting up)
  • If you ever need inflatables, ask your friends if they have any – you’ll be really surprised what comes out of the closet
  • Vinyl lettering is a pain to put up – and being cocky about it doesn’t help
  • People who do collage workshops are better than me at collage!
  • Wigan STEAM and the people who work there are awesome
  • I make some seriously weird work

Aslo, as many of you might know, as a part of the residency Keith Bloody Mary delivered two collage workshops, where the members of public were invited to create thier own unfashioned creatures. You can see there results in a digital zone here:


You can experience Unfashioned Creatures by Keith Bloody Mary at Wigan STEAM until September 1st.