Wigan S.T.E.A.M

Code Up & Creative Tech Nights

Our Creative Tech and Code Up meets are all about gaining tech skills and having fun with them. Come and learn how to code and experiment with electronics and tech. These sessions are FREE but please only book if you intend to attend as places and kit are limited. If you change your mind just give us an email or cancel your ticket.

17th January – Introduction to Python Book Here
31st January – Stop Motion Animation Book Here
21st February – Introduction to Processing Book Here
28th February – Conductive Paint Circuits Book Here
21st March – Introduction to Raspberry Pi Book Here
28th March – Drawbots Book Here
18th April – Show & Tell
25th April – 3D Facial Rendering Book
16th May – Introduction to the Internet of Things Book
23rd – Creative Coding with Xbox Kinect Book
20th June – Game Design for Beginners Book
27th June – Introduction to Soldering Book
18th July – Codebugs Book
25th July – E-textiles Book
19th September – Introduction to Python Book
26th September – Drone Coding Book
24th October – LED Pumpkin Lanterns Book
21st November – Christmas Hackathon Book