Wigan S.T.E.A.M

Coding and Technology Group

We’re launching a brilliant new group in January 2018 aimed especially for young people aged 13+ and adults interested in making, creating and discovering new technology.

The hugely popular monthly Code Up sessions have been expanded to run fortnightly, and include workshops as diverse as  Python, Processing, Drone coding, 3D rendering and Electro paints. The sessions are free of charge to attend but as spaces and equipment are limited they need to be booked in advance by clicking on the link. Where you’ll find more information about the sessions.

And polite note: Please only register if you definitely intend to show up – places are limited and we don’t want people who are genuinely keen to attend, to miss out

17th January – Intro To Python Coding

31st January – Creating with Electro paint

21st February – Introduction To Processing

21st March – Introduction To Raspberry Pi

28th March – Drawing Robots

18th April – Open Night

25th April – 3d Facial Rendering

16th May – Internet Of Things

23rd May – Creating with Kinect

20th June – Game Design For Beginners

27th June – Soldering for Beginners

18th July – Codebugs

25th July – Intro to E Textiles

19th September – Introduction To Python

26th September – Drone Coding

17th October – Open Night

24th October – Pumpkin Hack

21st November – Hack Christmas