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Working With Mark Titchner

A group of young people from STEAM have been working with Mark Titchner as part of the Networked Narrative Project. Bethan aged 17, a student at St John Rigby College has shared her thoughts on the project. From Saturday 10 September to Saturday 19...

Networked Narrative

Teens to young to vote will have their say at launch of powerful public artworks in Wigan. “What I want more than anything else?” by Mark Titchner They may not be old enough to vote, but youngsters from across Wigan are getting ready to voice...

Outbreak Helen Birnbaum

Outbreak, Helen Birnbaum, 13-27 May 2017

Outbreak features a stunning collection of ceramic sculptures by local artist Helen Birnbaum. Based upon viral forms as seen under a microscope, the sculptures were first influenced by Birnbaum’s shock in response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa...