Wigan S.T.E.A.M

What I want more than anything else, Mark Titchner & Networked Narrative, 10th June – 27th August

What I want more than anything else is a public art project by Mark Titchner involving individuals aged 13-25 from across Burnley, Wigan and Hull. The new artworks made during the project explore young people’s responses to the question, “What is it that you want more than anything else?”. We’re lucky enough to be hosting some of Titchner’s works in the STEAM gallery, so come along and take a look before picking up a guide and going on a tour of Titchner’s other public artworks dotted around Wigan town centre (keep an eye out on Library Street!).

Mark Titchner, Betty (black & white), 2017. Sally,2017.2 Videos; 8:16mins. Video; 2:57mins. Wigan STEAM Artwork © Mark Titchner Image © Simon Webb
Mark Titchner with the young people from Wigan: Thomas Barton, Olivia Taberner, Saxon Kaye, Sophie Wareing and Bethan Griffiths, 2017 outside Wigan STEAM. Artwork © Mark Titchner Image © Simon Webb

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