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Working With Mark Titchner

A group of young people from STEAM have been working with Mark Titchner as part of the Networked Narrative Project. Bethan aged 17, a student at St John Rigby College has shared her thoughts on the project.

Sophie and Bethan chatting to Andrea from Borough Life magazine, about the project.

From Saturday 10 September to Saturday 19 November 2016 I and several other young people were involved in a unique and immersive community art project, The Mark Titchner Project.

The project was run by the Liverpool based F.A.C.T and the Turner Prize nominated London based artist Mark Titchner, and created artwork for display in and around Wigan and Hull made by local young people. The project was run over four weeks in Wigan Library and the Wigan STEAM headquarters, and focused around the question, ‘What do you want most in the world?’.

The participants made maps, badges, collages and murals in response to the question over the second and third week, and in the fourth week we created large scale murals and artwork to be put on display in and around Wigan and Hull. I was part of the Wigan group for the project, and in the first week we walked around Wigan using maps we made according to how each participant individually saw the area and how everyone has different perceptions and opinions of Wigan, and took photos and soundbites of Wigan as well as learning about the artist’s work.

The second week was focused around making badges and collages using old newspapers and magazines and focused on colours and aesthetics which could then be applied to the murals in the final week.

The third week then focused on the question what do you want most in the world, and drawing artwork based on our responses, such as material wants “I want an iPhone 7 in jet black”, abstract wants for the future, “I want to be happy and have a good job, preferably as a paramedic”, and “I want to live by the sea” and my response “I want world peace, universal healthcare, no oppression, no prejudice, no poverty”. The designs were then transferred on to t-shirt designs to be worn by the participants for the launch of the artwork in June.

The fourth and final week was held in the Wigan STEAM headquarters and was all about making the murals with our responses, and to decide which artworks were best to be made into large scale artworks to go on public display in Wigan. The designs chosen were my own and Thomas’s, and were scaled up and produced by Titchner using our designs and handwriting, and are shown below, mine on the left and Tomas on the right. I had a great time working on the project, working with some amazing professionals and young people, and as we move towards the next stage of releasing the artwork to the public.

Whilst working on the project I wasn’t focused on the end result, I was just enjoying creating the artwork and working with the other practitioners on the project. I`m proud and excited that my artwork is being developed into the final piece, and looking forward to the next stage in the project in June.

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