Wigan S.T.E.A.M



So, my name is Jess and I love to take photos! At S.T.E.A.MFest for the past few days I have been taking photos of all the action. I have also been participating in activities like bubble maths which is all about shapes and making them out of balloons. Its really good for the younger ones but I got some amazing shots of the balloon sculptures people had made.

Personally, I think the engine room was most photogenic because of the amount of detail that went into building the engine, Helen. I have no idea why its called Helen, I mean I understand, EVERYTHING is a she. Maybe its named after me…. Jessica HELEN Meadows….hmmmmm….


I had to take multiple pictures of the S.T.E.A.M team doing there thing for the website. Just today on the last day, Wednesday, Science Boffin came in. He is amazing! Some of the kids made some goo that looked  like jelly… I was dying to eat it! Also, he set this special paper on fire and literally I got one shot because it burned up so quick. He did it 2 times, one with our naked eye and the second time with these special glasses with made everything appear 10 times! It was amazing so I put the glasses over the camera and it made a very weird effect.

I’m excited to see how my pics end up as a lot of them are going up on this website!

Jess OUT!   xxx