Wigan S.T.E.A.M

S.T.E.A.Ming with Confidence!


I’m one of the web designers for the Wigan S.T.E.A.M website and I have generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). At first, when I arrived here, at S.T.E.A.MFest, I was extremely afraid of doing the web design once I found out what I had to do. I just had this massive fear of failing. My confidence dropped significantly and I felt really bad about myself. I thought that everything would go wrong and it would be all my fault. However, the designing and planning for the website was less difficult than I thought.


Once the basic website was up and running, I worried less, but then, I had to help out at a stall to do with creating shapes using straws and using these to make bubbles. I was really nervous, but I didn’t hesitate to help, as it would help me gain my self-confidence back. As I started to talk to more people (mostly about what shapes these straws were representing, how many faces the shapes had, etc.), I had a much higher self-esteem. I never lost my patience with anyone and it wasn’t boring at all!

Now, at the end of S.T.E.A.MFest I have more confidence, all because I’m believing in myself and I’m trying not to give up when things get difficult or seem challenging. I definitely feel happier, more confident and I’m excited to see the final website!

By Emily Pearce
Web Designer and S.T.E.A.M Team Member