Wigan S.T.E.A.M

A Girl’s Take on Tech

As a child, I was always interested in technology. I found it fascinating! I was always questioning what we could do with it and why it was doing a certain thing. But I never questioned how. Not once. I guess this is due to the fact that I always thought men were the ones who were building or programming the technology- meaning that I, as a female, did not have any chance in the tech industry.


At about the age of 11, around the time I started high school, I noticed that a lot of the students in year 10 and 11 were doing ICT and computer science, and the majority of these people were female.


So this got me thinking, why are girls doing it when they won’t get a job in it? Well, as it turns out- the amount of women in the tech industry is on the increase (yeah!!!). I am now doing computer science as one of my options. I am also heavily involved with video editing, graphic design, photography and gaming. A bunch of my friends and me are also working on producing our very own game, but no promises on how that will go!!

I think breaking my fear of not being able to get involved with technology because of my gender was a really good thing. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about tech and the tech industry that can put people off getting involved but here is something you should know:

  • If you want it, go for it – If this is something you really want to do then there is nothing stopping you. Don’t let fears, stereotyping, and misconceptions get in the way of it.
  • Technology is for EVERYONE! – No matter who you are, if you want to be involved with tech, you should be able to. There is no such grouping for people involved with it and there never will be. GO FOR IT!
  • Technology is not “Scary” – Technology can only do what we program it to do. It can’t “turn evil” and go on a rampage without the programming to do so, so get those “tech gremlin” thoughts out of your head.

What I’m basically trying to say here is that technology is for everyone and everyone should get involved with it!

By Laura Mulvey